Sapit village known as one of the village tourisms in East Lombok. The program of ‘Promoting Green Economic Initiatives by Women and Youth Farmer in the Sustainable Agriculture Sector in Indonesia (ECHO Green)’ supported by the EU with €950,000 for January 2020 to December 2022 has open up another opportunity for a young man of Abdurrahman Wahid in village tourism, especially on coffee bean commodity after his participation on ToT of village spatial and land-use planning as one of cadre of mapping team in Sapit village.

As a village cadre, he is involved in mapping on potential, challenge, problem of the village in agriculture sector. The map could be use in agriculture sustainable development in his village.

The map of village spatial and land-use plans made him realized that Sapit village has a strength in village tourism which could be explore more.

“The mapping activity have been a great help in improving my knowledge to contribute in village development” – Abdurrahman Wahid, Lombok Timur, NTB.